What Does Your iPhone Case Say About YOU?

There are SO many different style, shapes and designs for iPhone cases, it’s hard to believe that the case you choose can tell people more about you than you may realise… 1. Plain, simple and sturdy Who needs all the fancy designs, right? Your iPhone case is meant for protection and protection alone, no need […]

Apple Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement

You may have heard on the news this week that Apple has taken up a law suit against Samsungover desgin patents, Florian Mueller gives us the basics: “Bad news for Samsung, again. Approximately eight hours after the $290 million jury verdict concluding the Apple v. Samsung limited damages retrial in the Northern District of California, […]

Facebook Competition!

IT’S COMPETITION TIME! What you win: Awesome MUSTACHE Home Button sticker! How to WIN: Make sure you’ve liked the iPhone User Guide Facebook page, then like and share the Facebook post for the chance to win a MUSTACHE home button sticker! (Compatible with all iPhones) iPhone User Guide Facebook Page Entries close next Thursday, 31st […]

News for New iPad and iPad Mini!

5th Generation iPad What to expect? A new 5th Generation iPad with the same 9.7 inch Retina Display, but a body that resembles a larger iPad mini. In addition to the form factor change, it’s been said that the same colors from the iPhone 5s will be making their way to the iPad. That means […]

iPhone 4 survives 13,500ft drop!

There is not a person I know who hasn’t cracked at least one iPhone screen! With the back and front covers being made out of glass, it’s not really that much of a surprise! One accidental fall out of your pocket and it could be game over – for your iPhone and for your wallet. […]

Which iPhone Accessories Will Work With The iPhone 5c and 5s?

We stumbled upon a great a article by Dan Frakes at www.macworld.com that explains exactly which accessories are compatible with the new iPhone 5c and 5s. Cases If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 5s, there’s good news: The two phones are identical in size and shape, so most cases for the […]

Gizmo of the Month

Turn your iPhone into a home phone with the Urban Tech Retro Iphone Holder! Slip your own iPhone or iPad into the middle of the funky black phone holder and you can then chat or listen through the old-fashioned style receiver. The retro look will add a touch of style to your home, while also […]

iPhone 6 Speculations

iPhone 6: Some Excellent Concept Designs The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have arrived and they’re practically flying out the door! Apple shifted 9 million last weekend alone! But there’s still a lot of chatter and expectation surrounding the company’s next flagship – mostly because it is expected to be the first iPhone with an […]

iPhone 5C Released!

The brand spanking new iPhone series is here – the iPhone 5c! This handset is a first from Apple, they’ve gone with a plastic outer shell in several vivid pastel colours that work in conjunction with equally bright Apple iPhone cases. This colour does bring a little life to what we’ve come to expect from […]

iPhone 5S Released!

Welcome to the uber classy iPhone 5s! Well it is official! Recently the new iPhone 5s was released and we’re pleased to announce that it has lived up to the hype. Although the phone is technically just another copy of their age-old exterior design, the internals of this new model are what really stand out […]