Ensuring the Safety of the House with CCTV

The entrance area is often referred to as a business card of the house – rightly so, since it ultimately shapes the overall ensemble decisively. A new front door should not only be chic, but also safe. But what should be considered in the selection?

Front door: safety, comfort and subsidies

When modernizing the front door, a number of practical criteria are important in addition to the look. Whether young parents with prams or older people with relator, a barrier-free access with a wide front door is helpful for all generations. Now that the options are good at door access system singapore you will find a better solution in every possible way.

But you should also think about energy efficiency. The insulation value of different door models can be compared with the so-called U-value, the heat transfer coefficient, which indicates how well a component is insulated. The smaller the number, the better the door will be insulated from the cold and heat.

Those who opt for a well-insulated front door benefit on several occasions – on the one hand through falling energy costs and on the other hand through the support of the program of the “Energy-efficient refurbishment – individual measures”. Eligible, among other things, is the replacement of the front door with a thermally insulated model.

Opening the door with face recognition also replaces the front door key.

The first step is the same for all types of motion detectors. Use a combination or insulating pliers and insert the black cable into the terminal L. Once the cable has been inserted, it is fastened with the screwdriver.

  • The brown cable comes from the alarm system or lighting. You fix it, as just described, in the marked with arrow / lamp terminal.
  • The blue neutral is not relevant to 2-wire technology. If it is found in the switch box, you should wrap it with insulating tape and bend it backwards. Along with the reliable singapore home improvement you will be able to have the best options now.

Once the electrical connection has been made, you can attach the motion detector to the switch box. If this is not mounted directly on the switch box, attach a junction box cover over the switch box. The motion detector can alternatively be mounted on the wall, but should then be within range of the radio signal. For surface-mounted motion detectors, the cable duct must be closed. There are special essays for this. Alternatively, the cable duct can be closed with cement.